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Group homes
long term assisted care
Assisted living facilities
Nursing homes
Adult care Facilities
School based health care centers Veterans homes
Woman's health care centers

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Specialty in Non- Sterile Pharmacy Compounding

Lathrup pharmacy specialized in doing Non - sterile compounds like
Pediatric Compounding
Dermatological Compounding
Fertility Compounding
Ear drops (Non sterile )
Suspensions - Oral use only
Suppositories - Rectal use only
Dental preparations
Veterinary compounding
Creams ,lotions ,Ointments - Face / scalp  / Body
Bio- identical HRT Creams
Anti - inflamation Gels/ Cremas / Ointments

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Meet and greet Our super Pharmacist  :   Rohini  Potla 

Amazing journey of pharmacist in patient care 


27241 Southfield Rd
Lathrup village, MI, 48076, U.S.A.

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